Coding Curriculum 2

In this section of this course we will be building on top of everything you have learnt in part 1 about HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In part 1 you created a barebones social media profile page about yourself.

To be honest though, it wasn't very pretty and didn't do much compared to a Facebook profile page.

This time, we'll dive into more advanced concepts that will make you a better web developer and allow you to create interactive, beautiful web pages. The entire part of this course will allow you to create a fully fledged social media profile with:

  • Profile and Cover Photo
  • Interactive photo gallery, with thumbnails that expand when clicked on
  • An interactive JavaScript Menu, built with JQuery, a JavaScript framework

To do this you will learn some interesting new things:

  • CSS3 Transitions - advanced CSS allowing you to react to user interactions like with the new :hover transition.
  • JQuery - a JavaScript library that makes coding in JavaScript for web development a breeze

We'll be showing you how to create individual components of your social media profile, like the menu bar, the image gallery and so on. But at the end of the course it will be up to you to merge all of them together to produce a fully working website.


  1. Navigation Bar
  2. Profile Photo and Cover Photo
  3. About Page
  4. Image Gallery
  5. Putting it together


Your entire mark will depend on the final social media profile page you create and its overall presentation. Note that not only the web page should look good, your mark will also depend on the quality of the code you write. This means things like paying attention to the indentation, how well your HTML classes are named and so on.

In total there are 100 marks to be earned.

Read the markscheme to see how individual marks are awarded.

Learning Theory

The lessons have been specifically designed to adhere to the learning theory of Constructionism. The lessons will heavily focus on driving pupils to have their own creations and create uniquely looking websites.

At the end of the course they will have a fully working social media profile with which they have heavily experimented with, such as taking advantage of the power of CSS to customise their site.

Instead of being force-fed information through monotonous power point slides, pupils taking part of the course are actively encouraged to deviate from the learning material available in this course and explore additional resources.


  • Andrei Boscor - Profile and Cover Photo
  • Diala Dahabi - Navigation Bar
  • Galen Han - Editor
  • Honghui Yu - Image Gallery
  • Istvan Hoffer - About Page

Let's get started

Get started with your first lesson where we'll be creating a navigation bar.