Platform for Enhanced Analytics and Computational Healthcare (PEACH) Project

Project description - The goal of Project PEACH is to provide a data science tool for medical
professionals and researchers that can aid them in diagnostic and analytics processes
through the use of big data, machine learning and data visualisation.

Our solution - Team 36 is responsible for 3 major subsystems within the PEACH project:
Authentication and RBAC system, Internal Messaging and Collaborative Editing Tool.

Project achievement - Our final project comprises one important part
of the future PEACH platform, by offering the three fully working components.

Authentication System
Role-Based Access Control

The authentication system allows users to access the features of the platform from a simple login portal. Role-based access will provide users with certian permission within the app which will influence how they interact with it.

Internal messaging system

Internal messaging system allows users to contact one or more users instantly inside the web application and lets them send messages and files. Integration with PEACH chatbot offers a better user experience.

Collaborative Document Editing

Integrating a real-time text editor which uses no server dependencies in order to enable collaborative document editing. It relies on the Firebase Realtime database for data synchronization. This feature will improve by far the user experience by allowing multiple doctors to complete patients' reports at the same time.

Meet our team

We are three passionate Computer Science students at University College London.
This is our second year of studies and we enjoy being part of the PEACH project.

Team Leader

Horatiu Ovidiu Ilie

  • Back-end Developer
    Technical Lead



Deputy Team Leader

Georgiana Birjovanu

  • UI Team Representative
    Chief Researcher



Chief Editor

Berat Baran Cevik

  • Full-Stack Developer
    Chief Editor

Product Presentation (Term 1)

Product Presentation (Term 2)