X5GON is an industrial leading Open Education Resource Provider. In this project, we worked with the UCL X5GON research team to deliver a mobile application that provides users with an authentic and mobile-friendly X5GON experience and learning materials catered to their needs.

With this project, the X5Learn system would be able to attract more customers from the mobile platform, and enable its users to have all their customised X5Learn experience at hand anytime anywhere.

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X5GON was designed based on client requirements and user interviews. It offers all kinds of features and functions you would need on a learning platform.

Explore freely

Explore materials and contents freely from a collection of global Open Education Resources.

Refined Contents

Machine Learning algorithms on the X5GON backend empowers smart analysis of browsing history.


Unbeatable performance

Using Swift, Apple's native language for iOS Development, we archived fast responsiveness and blazing loading speed

Great Foundation

A solid App infrastructure that puts expandability and robustness at first when developing.


Discover more for Your Learning Track.

X5GON provides a ML Backend and a separate model trained for every single user to meet their learning needs.

Fast Thumbnail Generation

Quickly skim over an hour-long lecture in less than 30 seconds for a general overview.

Extended Material

What to learn more on a specific concept mentioned in a lecture? One click on video below to get a 1 minute clip explaining it, and resume back in no time.

Personalisation based on your History

Keep track of your lecture subscriptions and your learning progress, and utilise this piece of information to provide you with the most suitable materials.

Easy Note-taking

Auto-generated lecture key elements and notes can be easily imported into your personal notes.

Personalising your Subscriptions, Interests and Learning Experience.

Monitor the evolution of your knowledge and progress using tools integrated in X5GON. Optimise your learning experience with better material and easier note-taking plugins.



A short video that demonstrates our progress so far.

Team Lead - Patrick Wu

Patrick is a 2nd year Computer Science at UCL, and the lead developer for the X5GON mobile project. He is mainly interested in algorithms, data structures and low-latency high throughput software. It is his first time developing an iOS application.


Team Member - Yinrui Hu

Yinrui is also a 2nd year computer science student at UCL. He has good communication skill and has a passion for programming. He is interested in artificial intelligent and cyber-security. He’s experience includes risk management, software development.