The Coding Curriculum Project, now in its second year, is a showcase for the teaching material developed by teams of our first year Computer Science students. Each team has produced an independent set of lessons based on either JavaScript, Python or TouchDevelop with the Engduino. The content is aimed at children and young people from 11 to 18 years old and their teachers. There's something for learners at all levels so encourage your students to take a look. Younger students will enjoy learning Python with Perez or creating a social media page using JavaScript and HTML. More experienced pupils can take up the challenge of coding the Towers of Hanoi or creating a TfL Journey Planner using Dijkstra's algorithm.

Each project is orgarnised in three stages:
1. Scaffolding - the basic principles of programming.
2. Discovery - applying the basics to small examples and experiments to reinforce learning.
3. Innovation - a larger project to enabling students to develop something exciting.

Each Team was assigned to work with one of the following three languages:
1. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
2. Microsoft TouchDevelop and our Engduino (C++)
3. Python, some teams used the Raspberry Pi





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