Care Quality Dashboard

An online platform that enables healthcare staff to visualise and enter conversations about their performance by performing regular honest self-reports through a series of short questions.


The Welsh Government's Health and Care Standards provide a consistent framework for healthcare staff to provide high-quality care. Unfortunately, there is a severe lack of data on how clinicians are meeting these Standards, which need to be made more meaningful, whilst reducing the significant pressure they are under. It is very difficult for them to judge, improve, or enter conversations about their performance.

This platform enables healthcare staff to enter conversations about their performance and communicate about the Standards in a meaningful way. It is an adaptable, user-centered and intuitive online platform for staff to perform honest self-reports through a series of short questions on their own devices in their own time. The data is visualisable by themselves, managers, hospitals, or health boards, and is anonymised to promote honesty and privacy.

Our client and users believe the platform solves their problem and would help them to have these crucial conversations.


Watch our short video with an overview and demonstration of the platform.


Our users, client, and project supervisor (teaching assistant) were extremely pleased with our progress and results.

The solution your team developed as well as all the documentation / project website are excellent to me.
Binghao Chai (Project Teaching Assistant, UCL)
In the history of UCL projects, I have not come across a system that's been developed so quickly as this one. This enabled effective user engagement in the design and redevelopment of the code base. The system was extremely well received by end users and documentation/user guides are excellent.
Dr Joseph Connor (NHS, CarefulAI)
It is a great addition, thank you.
Clinician (NHS Wales)

Meet the Developers

We are passionate 2nd-year Computer Science undergraduates at University College London (UCL).

Shubham Jain

Team leader, full-stack developer, researcher & DevOps

Mateusz Zielinski

Frontend developer & tester

Matthew Schulz

Frontend developer & report editor


Find out more about the platform's core features below.


Complete your self-report on the device of your choice in a matter of minutes. The self-reporting page is clear and simple to use allowing you to efficiently report your recent experience.


Track your self-reporting any time and on any device. The statistics page gives you great flexibility allowing you to change date ranges and whether the submissions were a part of a mentoring session. There is also a quick to read summary and personal analytics section at the top which gives you great insight of your performance.

Simple management

This platform is adaptable. Administrators can manage questions, health boards, hospitals and users, whilst departments can edit training URLs tailored to their department for each question. Departments and Hospitals can also manage ‘join codes’ to allow users to register.

Project Management

A Gantt chart of our workload and tasks for the duration of the project is below: