Eyes First games for People Severely Affected by Disabling Conditions e.g. ALS, Spinal Cord Injury


This project aims to produce a rich and unique eye-tracking game for individuals affected by severely disabling conditions such as, ALS and spinal cord injuries. People with severely disabling conditions often retain good control of their eyes however, there is a lack of applications and games that are designed for and fully support the use of eye-tracking. Using Unity, we created ‘Of Mice and Messages’ - a fun and unique pipe based puzzle game where users read messages in an overarching storyline by moving and rotating pipes to direct the flow of water from a starting mail pipe to a finishing mail pipe. The game was designed for use with an eye tracker from the outset, with support for dwell-time based activation. The game also follows best practices for eye-tracking interaction design. As a result of this project, ‘Of Mice and Messages’ has been released into the open source in addition to, being submitted to the Windows Store. We have also created an Eye Tracking 2D package, to assist future Unity developers in creating 2D eye tracking games.

Key Features

  • Unique and fun eye tracking game developed in Unity.
  • Multiple varied and challenging levels for users to solve.
  • Users unlock messages as part of an overarching storyline, by completing each level.
  • An Interactive tutorial to teach users the game's concepts and mechanics.
  • Multiple features to assist eye tracking users such as objects changing colour as dwell time increases and enabling dwell times to be adjusted.
  • Eye Tracking 2D package to help future developers make 2D eye tracking games.


Development Team

Nayana Dasgupta (Team Leader) - nayana.dasgupta.18@ucl.ac.uk

Farhan Mahmood - farhan.mahmood.18@ucl.ac.uk

Guide Limjumroonrat - guide.limjumroonrat.18@ucl.ac.uk