Further your knowledge of programming in Touch Develop, using the Engduino, by constructing a larger program. In order to complete this project, you will need to make use of previously learned concepts, as well as new ones, which will be introduced to you in the next 6 lessons.


Build an application which uses sensors to monitor the heartrate and the thermistor in order to provide appropriate medical advice, and turns the Engduino into a pedometer.

  1. Attach a heartbeat monitor to one of the Engduino pins;
  2. Read values from both the connected pin and the thermistor included on the Engduino board, whenever the Engduino button is pressed;
  3. Find specific advice for a number of ranges for temperature and heartrate;
  4. Program the application to appropriately respond to each reading;
  5. Use the accelerometer in order to build a pedometer, and give feedback on progress;
  6. Set up the menu of the application.

This project makes use of the knowledge acquired through the completion of the Coding Curriculum Scenario 1. We strongly suggest having a look at the lessons from this previous scenario before starting to work on the Biometrics Project.


  1. Setting up the Hardware
  2. Using the Serial Port Connection to Upload Touch Develop Scripts to the Engduino
  3. Reading the Thermistor and Responding to the Readings
  4. Reading the Pulse Sensor and Responding to the Readings
  5. Program the Pedometer
  6. Set Up the Application Menu
  7. Final Program